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Affiliate Scheme

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How can MATCH help my business?


MATCH aims to transform the medical devices sector by using research to develop, test and make available methods that cut the time, cost and risk involved in introducing innovations at every stage of delivery, from original concept to continuous improvement of products and services.

In doing this, MATCH supports device users, the medical device industry, regulators, reimbursement agencies, and healthcare providers such as the NHS.

MATCH operates an affiliate scheme that brings together healthcare suppliers, developers and users in order to benefit from MATCH research, whilst sharing ideas, learning new skills and maintaining valuable business contacts. Joining this scheme lets you access experts who can help transform your competitive performance by embedding flagship techniques, derived from best-practice in healthcare technology assessment and user needs analysis. Joining the scheme will help you focus more effectively on achieving tangible business returns


By participating in the affiliate scheme, you will benefit from:

  • access to guides based on MATCH methods for showing the value of healthcare innovations, which will benefit companies selling into the NHS, or those whose innovations are assessed by NICE;
  • access to MATCH guides about methods for incorporating the needs of users in the device development process, as well as guides about conforming to human factors regulations and using social media to assess users' needs;
  • access to MATCH software applications, such as health economic tools and tools for eliciting users' needs;
  • opportunities to participate in MATCH research and to co-author research papers with MATCH academics;
  • invitations to send delegates to two 'MATCH members only' events a year, themed around topical areas of healthcare technology and service innovation;
  • the opportunity to take part in two MATCH training webinars a year;
  • quarterly newsletters, containing topical editorials and articles;
  • updates on MATCH research developments and useful networking information; and
  • licensed use of internationally registered MATCH branding on your website and stationery.

Cost per annum:

For further information please call us on +44 (0)1895 266050 or email us at