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We believe that MATCH is unique in researching issues of critical importance to both supply-side and demand-side stakeholders, and to do so in such an integrated manner.

MATCH Globe MATCH’s research portfolio follows four themes.  To disseminate and make our research findings available, we have created a theme around tools, workbooks, and user guides (Project I).  Our themes of economic evaluation (Project II) and user needs (Project III) represent the core intellectual drive to develop methodology for use within these communities.  Our final theme of implementation issues and tactical procurement (Project IV) aims to ensure that we come up with approaches that will work in the real world.

These themes are not silos of activity, since some people will contribute to more than one.  Moreover, the first and last (Projects I and IV) tend to exploit what is done by the middle two (Projects II and III) and to throw up problems for them to solve.