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Project IV Implementation Issues – tactical procurement

Theme: This project addresses the issue of where new or modified methods are required for the earliest assessment of value of a technology without unduly jeopardising its ongoing development.MATCH Dorian

Description: This project is concerned with investigating the way in which the value of new technologies is measured. The project is particularly interested in those medical devices which fall outside the remit of tradition health technology assessment. This category includes technologies for which there is insufficient evidence to enable a full economic assessment, lower value devices which do not warrant a full appraisal and those technologies which have a disruptive effect on the way in which care is delivered.

Objectives: Gain a better understanding of the utility of the different assessment methods and when each should be employed. Progress the methods applied to date, to a level which would enable their widespread adoption.

Strategy: The strategy is to further develop the approaches based upon the case studies currently underway. The methods are being transferred to the stake holders by a number of routes. These include developing and disseminating MATCH tools, and by working directly with clinicians, industrial partners and the NHS. Attracting addition and external funding is a key element of the strategy allowing additional resources to be employed.