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Health Economic Evaluator

MATCH Health Economic (HE) Evaluator software tool version 6.2HE Tool

MATCH has developed an accessible software tool for assessing the value of health technology, suiting those with limited, or no, prior experience of Health Economic (HE) evaluation.

The aim of the tool is to help decision makers form a reliable early view of cost effectiveness, using limited data such as that typically available at the early stages of new product development. The analysis can be refined as data quality improves, for example when clinical trial results are obtained.

The HE Evaluator Tool uses Microsoft Excel and employs a simplified decision tree model structure. It uses clear graphical presentation to show the overall cost effectiveness, including sensitivity to variables, and it allows pricing strategies to be assessed against an adjustable willingness to pay (WTP) threshold.

The HE Evaluator’s benefits include:

  • Instilling understanding of key HE concepts, such as utilities and QALYs.
  • Systematising processes for taking Net Present Value decisions.
  • Informing strategies for price optimisation.
  • Demonstrating to purchasers cost effectiveness and true product value.

HE Tool Scr Shot
Screenshot of MATCH Health Economic Software Tool


Download HE Tool: HE Tool Download