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MATCH Case Studies

Getting the best out of medical innovations for the NHS and for industry



Britain has a global reputation as a source of innovation in the fields of medical devices and technologies. We also have a renowned National Health Service that is both free at the point of delivery and offers universal access.

At MATCH we seek to support and develop these strengths. So we help the NHS to get the best for its money while also helping the medical device and innovation industry to invest wisely and profitably in new ideas.

This collection of case studies displays some of the fruits of our pioneering developments. There is work showing how early user research can help both health services and industry to understand who really needs a new device that may be only at the drawing board. That's invaluable information, saving on wasted investment. It makes sure that innovation adds as much value but as little cost as possible.

Then there is our tool demonstrating the health economics of innovations and devices. It guides both developers and purchasers of devices to understand where the balance must lie between price and effectiveness if an innovation is to become a 'must have'.

Increasingly, we are steering industry not only away from costly mistakes but towards profitable insights. Our work with Sofradim, for example, created understanding that an innovation thought to be profitable for bladder or urethra reconstruction was actually better suited to hernias. Likewise, we have helped two companies, DePuy and BrainLAB, to understand what buyers need to know if they are to purchase their complex innovation in knee surgery. On an individual company level, our analysis and tool is helping Ethicon to tell its story better about why its product is better than the competition.

Our work is not all about devices and gadgets. We also help with the complex running of the NHS. Our very first case study at Hillingdon hospital shows how we grappled with one of the hardest and most important of management issues: organising patient flow effectively through A&E departments.

As you will see from this collection of case studies, our modelling and simulation tools are not a luxury, indulged in from some ivory tower. They are becoming essential for those seeking best value for the NHS and needing to make the most of the industry's capacity for innovation and fresh thinking.

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