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The main achievements of the first phase were:MATCH Handwriting

  • Development of a classification of users of medical devices.
  • A survey of industrial methods in the medical device sector.
  • Demonstration for the first time that the ‘experience curve’ (similar to cost-volume curve) applies to healthcare products.
  • Methodological development to articulate the value of safety in medical devices.
  • Progress on the transferability of cost-effectiveness results from country to country.
  • Methodological development in supply-side theory, including pricing strategy.
  • Pathways analysis of the impact of telemedicine and point of care technologies.
  • A preliminary set of tools for technology communities in industry and the NHS.
  • Built a team that communicates across disciplinary and university boundaries.
  • Development of staff:
    • One former Research Fellow now has a Chair in China.
    • Another ran a team at the National Co-ordinating Centre for Health Technology Assessment.
  • Studies with commercial partners that have made a difference to industry and have yielded important insights into what decision-making support is needed and
  • £600k of industrial cash and nearly £900k of additional grant and RDA funding.